HGH Desinfections & Cosmetique GmbH, based in Klagenfurt, produces special hand and surface disinfectants to offer people the greatest possible protection against the corona virus. “The current situation has shown us how closely hygiene and cleanliness are linked to our health and how important it is to behave in solidarity as a society.” For this reason, we are expanding our social commitment and supporting the Carinthian aid organization in this challenging time with free disinfectants. These are not only intended to protect employees in their daily work, but also to be distributed to people in need as part of the “Actions instead of words” campaign so that they can also protect themselves adequately.

Take responsibility together!


The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly.
HGH – Helping Global Health was founded to make a contribution so that people stay healthy in our modern times. And that worldwide.

The current situation has shown us how closely hygiene and cleanliness are linked to our health. This was our motivation to develop a tailor-made, intelligent product range to enable everyone to be safe in everyday life.

Stay protected with HGH!


We are honest and produce according to the exact WHO specifications, without the often usual
Deviations. The tested quality of the HGH products not only eliminates 99.9% bacteria,
but also 99.9% of viruses in seconds and is suitable for hand and surface disinfection.
And all made in Austria.

HGH is nourishing and fragrant.
No more feeling of dry hands after washing and disinfecting several times.
It is beneficial to the skin and also dries it thanks to valuable active ingredients and vitamins
after repeated use does not work.

Tested and certified by HYGCEN – member of the Association for Applied Hygiene
EN 13624 / EN 13697 / EN 13727 / EN 14347 / EN 14348 / EN 16777 / EN 14476 / EN 15000


Behind HGH are 3 successful business people with different backgrounds and experiences, and a common vision. We want to help improve world health.

We are already working with Doctors Without Borders and want to do so in the future
Support other aid organizations to leave a sustainable footprint.

We thought about it for a long time, tested a lot and worked closely with researchers
worked to develop a product that meets the highest standards.


Protected everywhere – always with you. With the fragrant 3 ml disinfection sachets from HGH, your customers and guests can feel safe. The single-portion sachets offer security and are easy to use.

With the logo and design of your company, you not only advertise your company in a contemporary way, but also set a sign that the health of your customers is important to you.

With the purchase of HGH products you also support our vision of helping and

On request, we can also brand other HGH products in your design.


HGH offers a wide range of products that give you protection against viruses and bacteria in
offer in every situation. But see for yourself.