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Klagenfurt entrepreneur makes testing "sweetened" for children


Gustav Wenger from HGH Desinfections- und Cosmitique GmbH launches the first strawberry-flavored antigen test. KLAGENFURT. "Since we have been dealing with antigen tests for two years, I had the idea of ​​having an antigen test developed for our children, adolescents and adults, which has now been realized with strawberry flavor. This rapid antigen test is used like a lollipop and is intended for small and Groß make testing more pleasant," says Gustav Wenger from HGH Disinfections- und Cosmitique GmbH in Klagenfurt. The tests were provided with stevia and the plastic sticks were flavored with strawberry. "You can imagine it in a similar way to the air-up bottles, where the taste is conveyed through the smell, and it's the same in our tests," explains Wenger. "In other words, everything is safe for the user," assures Wenger.

So far, the problem with the so-called lollipop tests has been that children have not kept the test in their mouths for long enough to collect enough saliva. As a result, the results were often falsified. Wenger's innovation should now eliminate this problem. Many children are affected by omicron. Since common lollipop tests often taste bitter, children don't keep it in their mouths for long enough. "We really wanted to counteract this fact and we will be able to do that with the strawberry-flavored antigen test," says Wenger. The test is of course tested and certified. For Wenger, one thing is particularly important: "If we have to test, then we should at least make the testing as pleasant as possible."

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The antigen test should be available everywhere in the next two weeks. 500,000 copies were produced in the first edition. "We've already had a few inquiries from pharmacies and suppliers, and half of them have actually already been sold. But we can have more tests produced within a few days," assures Wenger. Now it only remains to be hoped that the Federal Procurement Authority will also become aware of the HGH company and take over the tests for kindergartens. "The kindergartens themselves cannot order the tests from us, everything is done through the official channels," Wenger explains. The HGH company has invested a total of 100,000 euros in the new antigen tests. "You can't enrich yourself with tests, it's important to me that you know that. HGH stands for Helping Global Health. It is particularly important to us that people are helped or, in this case, that children's tests are literally sweetened," says Gustav Wenger concludes.


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