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Disinfection is a hygiene measure that serves to kill or inactivate pathogens and thereby significantly reduce their number on or in an object or on a biological surface. The aim is to achieve a state in which infection is no longer likely. With an effective disinfection, at least 84 to 99.9% of the germs are killed or inactivated.

This includes all antigen tests, masks, disinfectants, air filters, air sprays, air sticks, fever glue


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The HGH Medical Group realizes your product ideas and is your reliable partner for contract production and OEM products.


We have modern machinery and can process liquid, gelled and viscous products. Our portfolio ranges from sachets from 2ml to plastic tubes, bottles and bulk containers up to 10l canisters.

We accompany you with our professional team from the graphic design of the packaging (display, cardboard boxes, POS tools, etc.) to the salable end product.