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The HGH-Medical Group has been dedicated to health since 2020. We want to do our part by providing you, your staff and your patients with high-quality protective products at reasonable prices – as quickly as possible. On 3,500 m2 of production and storage, we offer international medical products of the highest quality standard. Our focus is currently on diagnostics and medical products to combat viruses and bacteria. HGH has its own disinfectant production line and we are also the general importer of the Lollipop antigen test, which is well known in the media.


We are constantly striving to make the latest innovations available to our customers and to respond to individual customer requests.



CBD Vollspektrum Öle von HGH
CBD Vollspektrum Öle von HGH
Das beste CBD auf dem Markt

-   THC frei
-    Vegan
-    Ohne Tierversuche
-   Labor getestet
-   Glutenfrei
-   Laktosefrei

-  5% bis 25%

FFP2 Soft-Masken von HGH
FFP2 Soft-Masken von HGH
Also possible with your logo
FFP2 masks

Our  HGH Medical FFP2 soft masks are particularly comfortable to wear, no difficult breathing, super soft on the skin and also do not cut into the ears.

Touchless disinfection
AirSpray touchless disinfect

The AirSpray© is the mobile and handy helper against viruses, germs and bacteria. Whether at home, in the office, in the vehicle or in the spa, the AirSpray© can be used anywhere. Using an infrared sensor, it atomizes disinfectant without contact.

HGH Hand- und Flächendesinfektion
HGH Hand- und Flächendesinfektion
99.9% bacteria and virus free
HGH hand and surface disinfection

The content of the HGH hand and surface disinfectants was manufactured by the company Metadynea and carefully tested and certified by HYGCEN Austria GmbH - a member of the Association for Applied Hygiene.

CBD Isolat von HGH
CBD Isolat von HGH
Für das innere Gleichgewicht
CBD Isolat

-    Reinheit von 100%
-    DAC zertifizier
-    100% THC-FREI
-    Rohstoff aus dem

EU - Saatgutkatalog
-    kein rekristallisieren
-    leicht auflösbar

Nitril-Handschuhe von HGH
Nitril-Handschuhe von HGH
Special wearing comfort
Nitrile gloves for the medical field

Excellent mechanical strength provides a high level of hand protection. Comfortable fit with textured fingertips for excellent dexterity.

AirStick Desinfektions Stick mit UV von HGH
AirStick Desinfektions Stick mit UV von HGH
With the power of light
AirStick virus neutralizer


The AirStick© disinfects all surfaces using UVC light in just 10 seconds. The AirStick© is super handy and fits in any jacket pocket and is also ideal for on the go thanks to its compact design.

Airbert Fieberkleber von HGH
Airbert Fieberkleber von HGH
Fiebermessen mit Spaßfaktor
AirBert Fiebersticker

Mit dem AirBert Fiebersticker können Sie auf einfache Weise die Körpertemperatur Ihres Kindes 48 Stunden visuell überwachen.
Einfach auf die Haut aufkleben und der AirBert verfärbt sich je nach Körpertemperatur.

AirJet Luftreiniger von HGH
Breathe freely indoors
AirJet professional air purifier

Since infections can increasingly occur indoors, we have made it our task to bring a device onto the market that meets the new hygiene requirements and frees the air we breathe of harmful viruses by 99.9%.

Opencast, der duschtaugliche Gibsersatz von HGH
Opencast, der duschtaugliche Gibsersatz von HGH
Open cast
The showerable one
plaster substitute

The OPENCAST is a waterworthy

plaster replacement solution. The cast can be shaped into any anatomical shape by heating, offering unlimited customization options.



Urgently ordered goods are usually transported by freight forwarding, rail and air freight, or delivered to a European port.


Before we import products, we check all certificates and test reports for correctness and validity, we also check them directly with the certificate issuers (Notified Body and testing bodies)


Our products are randomly checked by qualified Austrian test centers at regular intervals in order to guarantee this quality as well.


We are happy to provide our customers with samples if required.

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