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Shower friendly cast


OPENCAST is an ultimate water-friendly, customizable fixation solution. When heated, it can be formed into any anatomical shape, providing unlimited casting and customization possibilities.

Its fully water-friendly design and big openings provide the patient and medical staff with an unrivaled level of convenience that will change the paradigm of casting once and for all.


Short Arm

OPENCAST Short Arm is used on wrist, hand and finger injuries. Its slim and light features help patients with performing daily life activities.


Long Arm

OPENCAST Long Arm is used on wrist, elbow and arm injuries. 2 pieces are adjoined by clamps to form a cast.

It provides sufficient fixating power to immobilize the fracture.


Short Leg

OPENCAST Short Leg is used on ankle, foot and toe injuries. Its unique sole structure offers more strength and comfort.


Other Applications

OPENCAST can be applied to treat different injuries on the limbs.



OPENCAST is easy to mold and can be perfectly customized to every patient’s shape. Practitioners with medical background pick up quickly after practice.

The key is to immobilize the limb but procure little space between the skin and the cast.



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