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  • On 3,500 m2 of production and storage, HGH offers international medical products of the highest quality standard.

  • HGH stands for Helping Global Health, this reflects our vision and corporate philosophy.

  • It is important to us to make a positive contribution.


  • Our focus is currently on diagnostics and medical products to combat viruses and bacteria.


  • HGH has its own production line for disinfectants and we are also the general importer of the Lollipop antigen test, which is well known in the media.

  • We are currently working on a new type of UVC air purification technology, which uses UVC light to destroy the DNA structure of viruses, germs and bacteria in an environmentally friendly way.


  • A separate Air series was launched for this purpose, which includes UVC air purification devices, disinfection sticks and boxes.


  • Another new and innovative portfolio of HGH are QR readers and access controls (green pass).


  • We are constantly striving to make the latest innovations available to our customers and to respond to individual customer requests.


  • Our team looks forward to working with you.

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