HGH COVID19 Saliva

Our unique no-swab spit and saliva test can be carried out easily and
everywhere by you or your staff, and the result is available within 10 minutes.

The biggest advantages

No unpleasant or painful swab of the throat or nose is required for the test. It is ideal for children, 

nurseries, playschools, schools and in the private sector.

You can also save yourself a trip to the doctor and do not run the risk of being infected in the waiting room.

You can test your staff once or twice a week under professional supervision and therefore also improve the quality of your Covid management, preventing infections and economic damage.

At events and gatherings, visitors can be tested easily and quickly and enjoy the event feeling safe.

The possibilities of countering the pandemic are almost unlimited with the Covid-19 antigen saliva test.

The tests are ideal for

Airlines, cruise operators, travel operators, hotels, gastronomic establishments,
trade fairs, conferences, coach tours, Airbnb hosts, factories, care facilities, opticians,
hairdressers, all trades involving physical contact, employees, public offices, banks, insurance groups, etc.


With the medical in-vitro diagnosis device with fluorescent sandwich immunoassay, you receive a qualitative-specific verification of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human saliva or from nose-throat swabs in 10 minutes.