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fever measure fun!

Visually monitor body temperature for 48 hours

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Just stick it on the skin and
the body temperature for
Monitor visually for 48 hours!


We are pleased to present the latest innovation from our Air series
to present, the  AirBert fever sticker.  With this you can
easily monitor your child's body temperature visually for 48 hours.
Simply stick it on the skin and the AirBert changes color depending on body temperature.
The adhesive is completely harmless and corresponds to a plaster.

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The skin should be in front of
Application clean and
be dry.



Stick the sticker on one of the places on your skin that reflects body temperature best (wrist, neck, forehead, under the ear, etc.)



Press the adhesive surface well to avoid wrinkles and check the body temperature using the color scale.

Sales display:

Our AirBert fever sticker is delivered in the handy packaging with 100 packs each.

In just a few steps, this becomes an attractive table display.

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