Why HGH?

We would like to contribute by providing high-quality protective products at reasonable prices for you, your employees and your patients – as quickly as possible.

In April 2020 the company H.G.H. Desinfections und Cosmetique GmbH founded. Behind it are three successful shareholders with different backgrounds and experience and a common vision – to contribute to improving global health.

The currently prevailing form of organization was chosen for reasons of efficiency.

As a medium to long-term goal for the next five years, entrepreneurship has set itself the goal of creating a new, innovative company that should drive the economy forward and thereby assume a relevant structural and dynamic role in the Austrian economy.

PCL antigen spit test

The test for the whole family at home

The PCL Spit Test is completely painless and very easy to use. Everyone who lives in the same household can perform the PCL spit test together. The Covid10 antigen rapid test delivers a positive or negative result within a few minutes. This spit test is a cost-effective, high-quality and fast alternative to the PCR test in which samples are taken with a stick.

Security for the company and colleagues

The presence of employees on site is inevitable in many industries. For the safety of all colleagues, reliable, safe, fast and as inexpensive tests as possible are of inestimable value. The PCL Gold Saliva fulfills all of these requirements and is a solution for special government measures.

The PCL is also available in pharmacies
The PCL spit test is available in numerous Austrian pharmacies. With the following link you can find a pharmacy near you.

>> To the pharmacy chamber

Please inform yourself in advance by telephone or email whether the rapid antigen test from HGH Desinfections und Cosmetique GmbH is available on site.